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Life's better when you know the plan...

We research and rank the top insurance plans. Want the best plan for your money? Trust a Nerd!

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Making the insurance world a better place...

“Wish I would have went here years ago. I was spending hundreds more than I should have, buying a plan I thought I needed. My plan is now better and I pay less. Get a nerd!

- Daniel K.


About the Nerds

After 15 years in the business, we realized that some insurance agents have no idea what they are talking about, or are more focused on their commission and not the consumers best interest.  Worse yet, the consumers they are selling plans to ,aka you, may lack a basic understanding of insurance.  After all, they don't teach this stuff in school.  Not to mention, most insurance websites are just quote machines, mindlessly quoting hundreds of plans with no guidance. Its a boring mess and can be overwhelming, no wonder people hate insurance.

Thats where the nerds come in! 


NerdInsure was born in Boca Raton, Fl in 2019 by two real-life insurance nerds who wanted to make a difference. We're those weird people that like to research insurance plans and run comparison quotes, for fun.  

Life really is better when you know your plan. Our goal is simple. Attract the modern consumer seeking simplified education on insurance, present them with better options, and ensure they make a comprehensive insurance decision, with a little help from a real-life insurance nerd. 

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