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Travel Insurance

Learn, Quote, & Compare

A Nerd's Quick & Painless Guide to Travel Insurance

I'm not sure

People taking a trip overseas and want to insure quality medical care

Usually covers trips up to 6 months, any country

Customizable & Optional features like extreme sports coverage & more

People moving to a different country or who live in multiple countries

Insurance to cover canceled trips for multiple reasons

People who travel internationally for a living and want continuous coverage

Also can cover missed/cancled flights & trip interuptions

Stolen/ Lost Items, and Medical Evacuation

What Type of Travel Insurance Do I Need? 

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Which Health Plan is Right for Me?

Whether you are planning an international vacation or moving to another country, travel insurance is a must. Most people, however, don't know the first thing about what type of plan they need, or how much they should be paying. Guys, when your traveling, get a Nerd!

Understand Your Situation

What type of Travel Insurance is Right for Me?

First, determine what exactly you need the travel insurance for. There are generally three different types of travel insurance meant for different purposes

Temporary Medical
Permanent Medical
Trip Insurance

Temporary International Medical Insurance

This type of insurance is meant to cover you like your regular health insurance when you travel abroad on an international vacation. Most health insurance plans in the United States do not cover you when you are traveling overseas to other countries. So, if you are booking an extended vacation (usually 2 weeks or longer), it is a good idea to purchase temporary international medical insurance, so you can insure the best medical care no matter where you are, or what happens to you. 

When comparing, try to find plans the offer the following added benefits:

- International Concierge Service

- International Network of Doctors & Hospitals

- Lower Deductibles

- Customizable Riders (more on this below)

Temporary travel medical insurance will usually cover a small amount of "trip" losses, like lost or stolen luggage, but is mostly focused on medical coverage for sickness or accidents.


If you are looking for insurance to cover things like trip cancellation, trip interuption, and provide more comprehensive coverage for lost or stolen items or luggage, check out "Trip Insurance" below.

Permanent International Medical Insurance

This type of insurance is meant to cover Americans who are living abroad for an extended period of time (5 months or more per year), or citizens of other countries who are living in the U.S. for an extended period of time. In a nutshell, it's a health plan for "citizens of the world", or those that do not stay in one country permanently. 

Look for the same added benefits that temporary international medical insurance plans provide when comparing the permanent variety.

Trip Insurance

Trip insurance is specifically designed to cover things like trip cancellation (if you need to cancel your trip, you would get most of the money you spent on non-refundable things like hotel reservations, airline tickets, etc. paid back to you). Delayed flight coverage, comprehensive coverage for lost or stolen luggage and items, amongst other related travel expenses are also covered by trip insurance.

Trip insurance generally doesn't cover much in medical bills, and if they do it is generally on a reimbursement basis (you pay for the service at the time you recieve it, and then the insurance reimburses you later).

What Plan is Right for Me?

If you need both trip insurance and international medical insurance, we can customize a combination plan that will have you fully covered for your trip.

Optional Riders

Customize Your Plan

Because people travel for many different reasons, travel insurance plans usually come with a lot of optional riders tailored to fit the individual needs of the traveler. Some of these may include:

Extreme / Adventure Sports Rider

If you plan on participating in sporting activities while overseas, this rider is a must. It will cover activities such as; bungee jumping, zip lining, caving, whitewater rafting or kayaking, etc..


If you are unsure whether you will participate in any sporting activities, it's best to purchase the rider. It usually isn't that expensive, and helps you keep your recreation options open!

Enhanced Evacuation Rider

While many plans cover emergency medical evacuation in the case of a life threatening illness, this rider will also include emergency medical evacuation in the case of a non-life threatening illness.

Enhanced AD&D Rider

Most plans usually include a little accidental death insurance (life insurance if the death is caused by an accident). This rider increases the amount of accidental death insurance, usually on the primary, or main person, on the insurance plan. 

Health Insurance vs. Health Sharing

Compare Plans & Quotes Now

Of course, everyone wants the cheapest plan. But it's not that simple. One of our nerds can walk you through the entire process, helping you compare the options and quotes available to you. We're insurance nerds, it's what we like doing.

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