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Our Picks of the Best Supplemental Health Plans of 2023

Supplemental Health Plans

Make Your Health Plan INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Supplemental health plans make your existing health insurance better by filling the GAP's in your current  coverage, like your deductible & out-of-pocket. Many plans help pay for lost wages, rent, mortgage, car payments, etc. , or enhance your current benefits by adding better coverage for critical illness like cancer.

Add to Most Health Plans
Affordable & Customizable
100% Portable 
Makes Your Current Health Plan Better!
Nerd Alert!

Close to 70% of people who declared bankruptcy due to medical bills HAD HEALTH INSURANCE! Deductibles, co-insurance, & all the missed time not being able to work add up. Close that gap and get TRULY covered with a supplement!

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What Can Supplemental Health Plans Do?

Cover Your
Deductible + Co-Pays

Reduce or Eliminate your deductible for accidental injuries and sickness. Can also cover co-insurance, copay amounts, and out-of-pocket maximums to make your current health plan "comprehensive".

Better Coverage for Critical Illnesses

Improve your coverage for major illnesses like cancer, heart attacks, organ failure & more. Go over and above your current insurance to pay for access to out-of-network specialists, advanced cancer care, experimental treatments, etc.

Cover Lost Income & Expenses

When you get sick or hurt, your health plan doesn't cover things like lost wages, rent, mortgage payments, phone payments,or children's tuition, when you can't work or need rest. 
Your supplement will.

Our Top 3 Supplemental Health Plans for 2023

Based on our criteria, your best bang for your buck!

GTL Critical Provider Plus


Covers your health plan out-of-pocket for accidental injuries and critical illness, as well as partially covering it for in-patient sickness

Provides large customized lump-sum payments when you are diagnosed with a critical illness (23 illnesses triggers), including cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.

Built in Cancer Care DNA benefit to increase your chances of surving cancer (works with your health plan)


no deductible, pays you amount you customize plan to
any doctor/hospital



Allstate Plan Enhancer


Covers your health plan out-of-pocket for injuries and in-patient medical care

Works with any health plan, doctor, or hospital, even if its not in your regular health plans network!

Guaranteed Issue (you cannot be denied)


no deductible, pays you amount you customize plan to
any doctor/hospital



In-Pocket Plan


Simple to use plan, lowers your current health plans deductible to a new, customized amount

Covers all in-patient & out-patient medical bills your health plan covers

Guaranteed Issue (You cannot be denied) 


same network as your main health plan



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