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Critical ProviderPlus



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Plan Summary 

Possibly the best supplement you can add to a major medical plan. This plan kicks in when you are diagnosed with a critical illness (23 triggers!), have a hospital stay, or have an accident. It will cover your regular health plan out-of-pocket in those circumstances. It really shines, however with critical illnesses. It gives you the peace of mind that if ever diagnosed with something like cancer, you will have plenty of financial resources to travel to medical facilities in other areas or states (or countries), take time off of work while being treated or recovering, seek alternative therapies, and more. It even includes a fantastic PrecisionCare Cancer DNA sequencing service that will INCREASE your odds of beating cancer! Extremely unique! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

Cost Estimates

Monthly Premiums
Individuals:  $45-$95

Families : $150-$250

23 Critical Illness Triggers (Industry Gold Standard)

Hospital Stays
Accidental Injuries (in-patient or out-patient)

Pays IN ADDITION to your regular insurance

Advanced DNA Cancer Testing

Plan Video

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