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Short Term
Major Medical


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Plan Summary 

This is a more traditional major medical short term plan. You can get this coverage for as long as 3 years in some states, although some limit you to 1 year. After that, you would have to reapply for coverage. You pick a deductible & coinsurance, and then pretty much all costs go against that deducible. The more premium plan will also give you copays at the doctor's office for a higher premium. For a quote, text or call us. 

Cost Estimates

Monthly Premiums
Individuals:  $125-$300

Families : $500 - $850

Doctor Visits: Primary/Specialist (depends on plan)
Urgent Care: $50 Copay
Hospitalizations/Surgeries: Deductible + Coinsurance
Lab Tests/Xrays: Deductible + Coinsurance

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To quote or apply, send us a text message or call 561-210-0326.  We can complete a quote by text message easily!

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