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Nerdinsure Rating


Hybrid PPO 
(2 policies = 1 Plan)


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Plan Summary 

This plan combines a high-paying indemnity PPO for smaller bills like doctor visitis, lab & radiology tests, and smaller surgeries with a high-deductible stop-loss policy for large hospital stays and major surgeries. This means great coverage for all types of medical claims large & small, at a reasonable monthly premium. It uses a large national PPO network, so most doctors & hopsitals take it, while empowering you to shop around for lower cost, high quality care with financial incentives. Also, you never have to renew your policy like other off-exchange plans, so you can keep your coverage until age 65 regardless of health conditions.  Philadelphia doesn't offer direct to consumer quoting & application so text, call, or message us for a customized plan & quote.

Cost Estimates

Monthly Premiums
Individuals:  $175-$300

Families : $600 - $850

Doctor Visits: Free - $50
Surgeries: $500
Lab Tests: Free - $50

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To quote or apply, send us a text message or call 561-210-0326.  We can complete a quote by text message easily!

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