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NLG Living Benefits


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Plan Summary 

This is the Cadillac of Term Life Insurance for a variety of reasons. The features include the ability to advance your death benefit if you are diagnosed with a critical illness ( heart attach, stroke, ALS, cancer, etc.), a chronic illness (any chronic disease which requires significant medical attention over the long-term), or terminal illnesses (any disease which expects to result in death in the next 24 months, IN ADDITION TO CRITICAL ACCIDENT ( a major accident resulting in disability). That last benefit is RARE, and unique, and makes this our best term life policy 3 years in a row. In addition, the premiums and death benefits are reasonable for a plan this feature rich and a company this strong financially.

Cost Estimates

Monthly Premiums Example:
Male - Age 35 - $250,000 death benefit = $57.00 monthly premium

Living Benefits Included?
Critical Illnesses

Chronic Illnesses
Terminal Illnesses
Critical Accidents


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