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Use our quote engine, made up of only the best A-rated term life companies, to find the lowest priced term life quote. If you have any questions, or want "living benefits", just contact us!

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 If you need help determining the right amount of life insurance to cover all your bases, check out this link. You can always call, text, or email a nerd as well!

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Term Life Insurance Basics

Choose a Term

How long do you need the life insurance for? Do you need it while your raising kids? Or to cover a mortgage? 

Terms usually last between 10-30 years. If you don't know, go long, but the longer the term, the higher the monthly premium

Choose An Amount

How much insurance do you need? It depends on what you are using the insurance for. To replace the income of a breadwinner, go with at least their income x10, or higher.

For a more detailed approach, click her.

Check Out Living Benefits

New types of life insurance offer "living benefits". This means you can use your insurance death benefit even if the insured doesn't die, but gets a major illness or injury. 

Best Term Life for Benefits

Based on our criteria, the most benefits

NLG Living Benefits Term


Probably the most benefit rich term-life product on the marker today, this term life product is, in our opinion, the 'Cadillac' of term life!

Living benefits include accelerated critical, chronic & terminal illness benefits AND critical accident benefits.


10,15,20,30 Yr
Term+Living Benefits



"Life insurance you don't have to die to use."

Best Term Life for Price 

Based on our criteria, the best priced term life*



Simple, straightforward term life coverage from a quality, family owned & financially stable company.

90% of applicants are approved in minutes after the application process. Hence the name "Turbo"!


10,15,20,30 Yr
Basic Term



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